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Wired Communications

Accelerate PCIe, SAS and SATA testing with a single test solution including automation and debug capabilities. Speed up your 400G product development with PAM4 testing to efficiently validate your technology advances. Get to compliance faster with your Type-C devices.


400G PAM4 Testing

  • Optical Manufacturing Tests for 400G
  • Accelerate 400G product development
  • Validate faster and increase yield

Coherent Optical

  • No more trial and error
  • Automate to reduce calibration times and measure accurately

Test and Debug

  • Automate calibration
  • Close the loop on loopback debug
  • Superior signal integrity and debug

Consumer Standards Over Type-C

  • Get to compliance faster for next gen USB, DisplayPort, HDMI
  • Build confidence on the margin of devices
  • Avoid expensive overdesigning

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