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The CalWeb online portal frees you from the manual management of your entire calibration program. Simplify workflows, eliminate overdue calibrations, and streamline audit compliance with CalWeb. With instant, anywhere online access to data and tools, you’ll save time and reduce calibration program complexity. Every day, thousands of Tektronix calibration service customers in mission-critical industries rely on CalWeb for audit compliance and increasing engineering uptime.

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Efficiently Prepare for Service

Store all your asset information in this simple, configurable tool to make it easy to manage your program, from anywhere.

  • Know what’s due for calibration, and when, with auto notifications and reporting
  • Generate a quote request and view received quotes
  • Understand your current and forecasted costs
  • Create barcode stickers for all your equipment, setting yourself up for easy information access

Smooth Service Ordering and Tracking

Use the portal to schedule service and track your units that are in for calibration service, whether your equipment is serviced onsite, at a local lab, or at the Tektronix factory. The dashboard provides instant visibility into your program.

  • Order and schedule calibration service online
  • Check assets in and out with ease, using barcode scanning
  • Generate any necessary documents – shipping labels, packing list, etc.
  • Receive updates on calibrations in process
  • Communicate with technicians about your assets
  • Receive OOT notifications and other calibration service results
  • Case management for OOT events
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Analyze and Optimize Your Program for Efficiency

CalWeb’s reporting tool makes it easy for you to understand the important trends of your calibration service program.

  • Utilize the included standard reports, including calibrations due, work in process, and delivery metrics
  • Satisfy your company’s internal metrics by creating custom reports
  • Analyze your service history – which units require calibration more often, which units are aging out?
  • Analyze your billing history – which units are costing the most, or might need replacement? What is the billing pattern from your calibration service provider?
  • Use the CalWeb Procurement Module to make instrument purchase and repair decisions

Pass Audits with Ease

When you manage your program with CalWeb, everything you need for audit compliance is stored at your fingertips for instant access.

  • Scan the equipment barcode or use the advanced search function to easily find your equipment details, and access equipment certificates and datasheets
  • Instantly produce audit logs, asset history, service history, and payment history on demand
Calibration Consultation with Auditor

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